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May rioter finally charged in breaking residents windshield

“Police have arrested another person accused of committing crimes the night of the May 2020 riot.

Police say Johnson was later seen unlawfully entering a business through windows that had been broken by other looters. He allegedly took merchandise and threw it onto the sidewalk in front of the store.

That night, Johnson also allegedly stood in front of a resident’s vehicle in the area, along with other rioters. Police say they yelled at the driver and hit, kicked, and threw objects at the vehicle. Johnson is accused of jumping on the vehicle’s hood and walking up to the roof, stomping on the windshield and breaking glass before jumping off.

So far, 23 people have been arrested in connection with the riot investigation, which is ongoing. Additional arrests are anticipated. If you have any information, call the TIP line at 541-262-5388.”

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It took over 6 months but it looks like justice is finally getting served for this poor resident that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Such incidents are a reminder that comprehensive auto insurance is always a good idea. While coverage for riots is something that was unheard of years ago, the increasing turmoil across the U.S. has lead to a surge in claims.

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