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Woman escapes serious injury after spear pierces windshield

“A local woman is still reeling from what she said was an “unprovoked” and “random” attack — someone threw a spear at her car.

Shavone Canales was not injured but was still shaken up hours later by what happened late Sunday night.

“It was a pretty scary event. I was not expecting that,” she said Monday morning, recalling the events from the previous night.

Canales said she was driving to a friend’s house after 9 p.m., passing by the area near Interstate 10 and FM 16 outside Converse, when her windshield suddenly shattered.

She said she quickly called 911 after realizing it was a spear that had broken through the glass and lodged in the steering column, just inches above her lap.

It was not road rage or anything. This was unprovoked and just completely random,” she said.

Canales recorded video with her cellphone as crime scene investigators carefully removed the hunting tool, which was about five feet long, from her car.”

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It’s becoming more frequent these days in regards to unprovoked attacks on drivers. Usually, you read stories about someone throwing heavy rocks or boulders from a bridge towards unsuspecting cars. However, a deadly weapon such as a spear?? The brazenness is astounding. Unfortunately, the perpetrator has yet to be caught and the driver is on the hook for the damage to her windshield.

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