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Cracked windshield? Avoid this before getting it fixed

“It may not seem visually noticeable, but extreme weather changes could wreak havoc on the integrity of a cracked windshield. For instance, rapidly heating a frozen windshield with a hair dryer or pouring scalding hot water directly on the icy surface could cause cracks to form, or make small cracks bigger. It’s the same issue in the summer when extreme temperature spikes could make windshield glass more fragile or susceptible to cracking.

Additionally, continuous exposure to rain, snow, or direct sunlight can make small cracks more prominent and noticeable, making it harder to avoid the long arm of the law. Make it a habit to park under the shade if your car has a cracked windshield. Better yet, it’s wise to seek professional help and determine if your windshield is repairable or needs replacement.

If insurance doesn’t cover it, consider that a windshield replacement typically costs $200 to $400, depending on the vehicle. Meanwhile, a salvageable windshield with few or smaller cracks would cost about $40 to $50 to repair.”

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Obviously, the more economical choice would be the option of a windshield repair rather than a replacement. As soon as you notice a crack or rock chip on your windshield, schedule a repair immediately. The longer you delay the greater the chance that the crack spreads making a replacement necessary.

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