Recognizing women in the auto glass industry

“Today is International Women’s Day, and it wouldn’t be complete without highlighting a few women in auto glass. Though the industry has been and is still predominately male driven, more women are finding success working on everything from installs to shop ownership.

“I think more women should get into this industry because it can help your business grow, it did for our business,” says Alicia Maples, co-owner of Fix-A-Crack Windshield Repair & Replacement.

“There have been times when I’ve been out doing mobile repairs and people have slowed down to see what I was doing crawling around a car. Then they’ve called our shop to confirm that yes a woman was working a car by herself,” adds Maples.”

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The article expands on how new technology for auto glass repair shops has made it easier for all technicians to provide auto glass service. What once was a male-dominated industry is starting to see some diversity among auto glass shop owners. More competition is a good thing, as it means that shops have to work hard and strive for excellence to appeal to their customer base.

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Man arrested after smashing woman’s windshield with bare hands

“man has been arrested following a road rage incident in which he allegedly smashed a woman’s windshield with his bare hands.

Police said Joshua Robert Dalton, 28, jumped on the hood of Veneranda Alvarez’s car and smashed the windshield.

Alvarez, 34, her two daughters and a friend were in the car at the time.

“I was just in panic mode, and in shock and everything all at once,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez said Dalton followed her friend out of a Walgreen’s parking lot and tailgated them before he got out of his vehicle.

Dalton is charged with felony vandalism and is being held on $20,000 bail.”

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Being the victim of a road rage incident is scary enough. Imagine having your children with you during such an event. Fortunately, neither the driver nor her passengers were hurt. The man who allegedly smashed her windshield has been apprehended and will be taught a valuable lesson. Whatever the reason is, it’s never okay to threat another driver.

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Yellow dots placed on windshield program gaining traction in several states

Photo of yellow dot program utilized in Washington County, New York courtesy of Washington County Sheriff

“It’s called the Yellow Dot Emergency Program. It has already been implemented in several states including New York, Illinois and Tennessee.

Being part of the program is entirely voluntary. If drivers opt-in, they place a small yellow dot in the lower left of their front windshield. In the event of an emergency, first responders see the dot and know there is a corresponding yellow envelope in the glove box.

“It’ll have your photo in there, it’ll have information on recent surgeries medications you take and your medical history so the first responders can best treat you in that emergency situation,” said State Representative Ethan Manning.”

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While this yellow dot program isn’t complicated, it may end up being a life-saver. That’s because in the event of a emergency, responding personnel may only have a matter of minutes to make life-changing decisions. Having access to critical information as soon as possible can only benefit victims in an accident.

Supposedly, this program is also implemented in Minnesota. If you’re an eldery driver with a medical condition, it may be worth it to check it out. At IAS Auto Glass we care about our customer’s safety. Our Auto Glass Services are followed by manufacturer guidelines. Call us at 952-797-4374 for more information.

Make sure you clear your car of ice before driving

“One Bedford County man is making a plea for drivers to brush the snow and ice off their cars.

It may be an inconvenience when you’re in a rush, but taking the time to do so will help others.

As Scott Elvira headed to work Monday morning, his windshield got smashed by ice coming off another car.

‘I left early so I could drive slower because I wasn’t sure how the roads were going to be,’ Elvira said.

Only 5 minutes away from work, he saw a white SUV was coming in the opposite direction, which is when he noticed the ice sliding.

‘It was going to hit the car,’ Elvira said. ‘I was like ohhh and then boom!'”

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It happens all the time. An innocent driver has the misfortune of sustaining vehicle damage (or worse) because another driver neglected to remove ice build up from their vehicle. State laws vary as far as responsibility for clearing one’s car of debris, however, common courtesy and sense should always prevail.

Travelling at high speeds, a sheet of ice can turn into a deadly weapon. Yes, it may be inconvenient to spend time removing ice, but it is the right thing to do!

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New York bill aims to protect leasers from exhorbitant ‘lease-end’ charges

“An act has been introduced, that if passed, could affect New York drivers and AGRR shops. Act 268 is on the docket for further discussion in this year’s regular session.

Act 268’s goal is to change portions of the current insurance law that involve expanding service contracts to protect those leasing vehicles for personal use from unexpected “lease-end” charges for things that include windshield cracks and chips. Currently New Yorkers who lease a vehicle are subject to an additional charge at the end of their service contract to cover certain repair services that do not go over a certain amount.”

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If you’re currently leasing a vehicle we recommend that you review your contract for maintenance and repair terms. If damage to the vehicle is determined that you were at fault, you or your insurance will likely be charged for repairs. However, if damage is due to normal wear and tear or a manufacturer’s defect, than that typically means the dealer will be responsible. Every contract is different and understanding these terms will better prepare you for future incidents.

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Mercedes-Benz urges repair ships to only use OEM glass

“According to a company press release, Mercedes-Benz USA said it “strongly recommends” using only Mercedes-Benz parts for windshield glass replacements. In the same release, the company mentioned the windshield glass manufactured for its vehicles has particular specifications.

Other glass manufacturers may not have the same access to the technology that can ensure one hundred percent compatibility with Mercedes-Benz vehicle systems, according to the company.

Its windshield glass contains solar glass technology and is coated with a thin transparent liquid that provides passengers with protection against ultraviolet rays.”

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While aftermarket auto glass is cheaper than OEM glass, it might be worth it to spend the extra money. For one, you’re guaranteed that your replacement windshield will fit your vehicle. Also the standard of quality might not meet the necessary requirments set forth by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

If you’re looking for OEM glass replacement, you’ve come to the right place. IAS Auto Glass installs OEM auto glass for many different vehicles, including fleet and commercial. Call 952-797-4374 for more information or visit our website for further details.

Toyota advising repair shops on auto glass replacement procedure

“Toyota has warned repairers that the old practice of repainting a glass opening might not apply to its vehicles today.

The fall 2018 Collision Pros magazine announced Thursday called the glass often “an integral part of the body structure.” In the article, Toyota described how it prepares the pinchweld flanges to receive the glass in the factory, a system that “provides the best paint adhesion and corrosion protection and creates the perfect bonding surface for glass.”

But a repairer can’t duplicate this “due to the complexity of the OE paint finish,” and so you shouldn’t try, according to Toyota.”

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This stance on auto glass replacement just goes to show that much more is involved than the glass itself. It’s important that proper protocols and procedures are followed to ensure that quality and safety aren’t sacrificed. This means adhering to the best practices for replacement as well as following manufacturer guidelines.

At IAS Auto Glass we take advisories from manufacturers very seriously. It’s our job to ensure that your auto glass is repaired in a safe manner. We service all types of vehicles. Check out our auto glass replacement page for more information or call 952-797-4374 for more information.

Does a vinegar and water mixture actually remove windshield ice?

“So does it really work? WUSA9 Verify researchers got answers.

AAA and auto glass experts said the vinegar water method could work as a preventative measure to avoid getting ice build up on your windshield and windows due to the acidity in vinegar. However, once that ice is on there, spraying this mixture won’t remove it.

AAA experts explained leaving the mixture on the glass is ineffective because it’s freezing point is just barely lower than that of water, so not a substantial effect to make ice melt.”

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There are other ways to make life easier for removing ice from a windshield. Perhaps the most popular is a remote car starter. Simply pressing the button the starter (while making sure the defroster was previously left on), and letting the car idle for 10 or so minutes should do the trick.

Trying the vinegar and water combination hack could actually cause further damage to your windshield if it is chipped or cracked. Of course, if time and effort isn’t a concern, an ice scraper will definitely take care of the problem.

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AGSC and NWRA will merge into one organization

“The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) and the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) will consolidate into one organization, effective January 1, 2019. Though technically not a merger, NWRA will dissolve and its membership, standards and work products will be welcomed into the newly formed Windshield Repair Division of the AGSC.

‘A good third of our memberships overlapped already,’ says AGSC vice president Jean Pero. ‘We are delighted to have the entire auto glass industry under one umbrella. It will enhance the services we can provide as well as our clout.'”

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While the membership of the AGSC is small in relation to the number of auto glass repair shops in the U.S., the dedication to safety should be followed by all. Our priority at IAS Auto Glass, is to get your vehicle back on the road in a quick but safe manner. We will not take any shortcuts and always follow the proper guideliness when replacing auto glass such as a windshield.

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Windshield beam technology aims for uniform heating

Dr. Shevelev is the technology director at Gyrotron Technology. During his presentation he introduced the Gyrotron beam. Traditionally glass absorbs infrared from its surface, creating a temperature differential between inner and outer surfaces, according to his presentation. Heating patterns are able to change with the use of the company’s beam.

“The goal is to create uniform distribution across the glass and this beam allows that to happen,” Dr. Shevelev said. He used an interesting story to make the windshield heating process more relatable.

“Think of it like a microwave. When you use it to reheat food, like chicken, you have to rotate it to ensure the chicken has an equal amount of heat put onto it. This is the same concept,” he said.

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Who would’ve thought the technological advancements made for windshields would be so prevalent. You’ve most likely heard about smart windshields that have displays and data contained within. Now there is a beaming technology created to distribute heat evenly throughout the windshield. Although, the most important job of a windshield is to do just that, shield you from the wind and other debris, these new developments warrant attention.

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