Student feared for his life as pumpkin smashes through windshield

A pumpkin smashed through a car windshield on Interstate 70 in Indiana on Sunday and came within inches of hitting the driver.

“I just started shaking because I guess I was so scared,” said Caleb Needham, the car’s owner.

The car now has a busted windshield, and sitting in the passenger’s seat surrounded by shattered glass is the pumpkin that did the damage.

“I entered like a shocked state. I’m like, ‘What just happened? Where did this pumpkin come from?’ I could honestly just have died right there,” said Needham.

Around 4 a.m., Needham, who is an Indiana State University student, was heading home after going to some haunted houses with friends. He was on I-70 in Hendricks County when he saw a semitrailer swerve. Seconds later, a pumpkin flew through his windshield.”

Read about this terrifying story here.

Of course, some prankster threw the pumpkin off the overpass which would have killed this driver had it landed directly in front of him. There’s been an alarming trend of objects being thrown from overpasses at unknowing drivers. After the shock of such an incident, these drivers are left to also deal with the damage to their vehicle. Depending on insurance coverage, the cost may not have to be out of pocket.

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How rock chip damage is repaired on windshields

What Type of Windshield Rock Chips Can Be Repaired?

In some cases a chip isn’t even a chip. It’s just dirt from the rock. Give the spot a quick rub with a rag. If the stars align in your favor, you’ll discover the mar is only a particularly stubborn bit of dirt.

Most of the time, unfortunately, your eyes haven’t been misled. The damage is real, and you’ll need to get it taken care of. Here are the types of chips that may repairable:

  • Small chips: Chips 1 ¼ inches or smaller can usually be repaired. Place a quarter on the chip. If the chip and any cracks that radiate out are covered, you’re in luck. Damage that covers an area larger than a quarter may be too much to mend.
  • Certain shapes: What do bullseyes, flowers and stars have in common? They all describe the various shapes a rock chip can take. These types of chips can usually be filled. If the center of the chip consists of crushed glass, it may be beyond help.”

Having a rock flung into your windshield from a tractor trailer or other large vehicle can be extremely frustrating. It’s not your fault, but little can be done to get compensation for the damage. The one thing you don’t want to do is wait too long to get it fixed. If you do, there is a chance the crack will spread and not be able to be repaired.

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How long does it take to repair or replace a windshield?

“Most windshield replacements, when done by a reputable company, can be done between 30 and 60 minutes. It takes no time at all to do, but it is also recommended that you do not drive the vehicle for an additional 60 minutes after the glass has been replaced; this means you are looking at about two hours in total from start to finish.

If you have a vehicle with passenger side airbags, then the time could be extended. Because the adhesive needs to be stronger and may take longer to cure. To comply with the laws and safety standards, you should strive to find a trained and certified technician. That only uses products that meet FMVSS standards. They should also be able to provide you with a written warranty and a record of the work that they have completed.”

Read more on windshield repair and replacement here.

A good tip to know whether your windshield can likely be repaired or needs replacement is if the damage is smaller than a dollar bill. If it is, there is no guarantee that a repair will work but depending on the crack or chip replacement may not be necessary. Fortunately, there is no waiting for adhesive to cure so once repair is complete, you can be on your way!

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Subaru seeks to dimiss class action lawsuit for defective windshields

“The suit alleges Subaru was “manufacturing, marketing and selling new vehicles with defective and dangerous windshields that were spontaneously and/or unreasonably cracking, chipping and otherwise breaking.”

According to Subaru’s brief advocating dismissal, the drivers can’t sue over models they didn’t drive. The plaintiffs, according to court documents, have stated the auto manufacturer failed to inform them of the alleged dangerous defect and refused to cover the replacement cost. Subaru however has stated the claims “fail as a matter of law due in part to the overly broad class.”

According to the plaintiffs consolidated complaint, the vehicles represented in the case include 2017-2020 Subaru Forester, 2017-2020 Subaru Outback, 2017-2020 Subaru Crosstrek, 2017-2020 Subaru Legacy and 2017-2020 Subaru Impreza vehicles (collectively known as class vehicles). The plaintiffs are seeking replacement windshields and reimbursements for their repair costs, or for Subaru to buy their cars back, according to the consolidated complaint.”

Read more about this lawsuit here.

The original complaint dates back to October of 2019. Since then, numerous plantiffs have been added with others experiencing the issues described also seeking to join the suit. Subaru is claiming that there is no jurisdiction and thus this suit should be dismissed. It remains to be seen what the outcome of this case will be but if windshields are indeed cracking for no apparent reason, Subaru should provide immediate and free replacement.

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Florida man beats on windshield of semi-truck driving down highway

“A man clinging to the hood of a semi-trailer truck isn’t something one normally sees while driving on a highway.

Even in the state of Florida.

In a viral video that’s been viewed more 4.7 million times, a man can be seen riding on the hood of a semi-tractor trailer truck while it travelled down I-95 in Boyton Beach, Fla this past Saturday.

News outlet WPLG reported Florida Highway Patrol received a call from the passenger of a Toyota SUV early Saturday afternoon about a man he was driving “acting strange.” According to state troopers, the passenger said the driver then stopped on the southbound ramp of the Florida turnpike, got out of his car and began walking on the highway.”

Check out the full story here.

The video clip played out like a scene from a hollywood action movie. In fact, you can see that the truck driver, who is clearly startled, try to shake the clinging man off of his hood. Fortunately, a state trooper came over to assist in the situation and the driver complied by pulling over. Afterward, the hood jumper was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

At IAS Auto Glass, we service semi-truck and other commercial vehicles for their auto glass needs. Whether you sustained damage to your windshield through an act of malice or otherwise, our speedy process will have you back on the road in no time. Call us at 952-797-4374 or visit our auto glass repair page for more information.

Can I get fined or cited for driving with a broken windshield in MN?

“As a driver, you already know you have to follow a variety of traffic laws on the roadways. In addition to those laws, however, you are also required to make sure that the components on your vehicle are in compliance as well. The following are the windshield laws in Minnesota that all drivers are required to follow.

Cracks and chips

Minnesota is not specific as to the size of allowable cracks or chips. However, it is illegal to drive a vehicle if the windshield is discolored or cracked in a way that limits the driver’s clear view. It is important to understand that it is up to the ticketing officer’s discretion as to whether a crack or chip in the windshield obscures or limits the driver’s view in a way that is or could be considered unsafe.”

Read more on these laws here.

If there is a small crack or chip near the passenger side of your windshield, you’ll most likely avoid a fine. However, that crack may spread and become large which could potentially obstruct your view. In situations like these, it doesn’t make much sense holding off on a repair or replacement. Many times, the delays is the result of a financial burden in which case you should consult your insurance company to see if replacement is covered, even if just partially.

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Factors that determine whether your windshield should be replaced or repaired

Repair or Replace?

In general, most chips and cracks can be repaired, but it always depends upon four factors: the size, type, depth, and location of the damage. Results will vary based on age, amount of contamination, location & the severity of the damage.

Size and Depth

Pretty much any shop should be able to repair chips of about one-inch diameter and cracks about three inches long. Traditionally, any crack larger than a dollar bill could not be repaired, so size was a very important factor in making the determination.


There are many different types of cracks, some can be repaired easier than others. For example, Star Break (short radial cracks coming off of the impact point), Bulls-Eye (circular damaged caused by circular object) or Partial Bulls-Eye (aka Half Moon, also caused by circular object, damage is not completely circular), Crack Chip (single crack size of a quarter), Ding (same as Crack Chip), or Pit (small piece of glass missing) can be easily repaired.

In general, chips and cracks that can be covered with a quarter can usually be repaired because glass shops center equipment over the break.”

Read about more factors here.

Obviously, you don’t want to replace your windshield unless absolutely necessary. Repair is less costly and a much quicker job to perform than replacement. If the chip or crack is minor you should still have it repaired by a professional. Don’t be fooled by these so called do-it-yourself kits as they differ greatly from the equipment used by professionals.

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‘Divine Intervention’ saves woman from serious injury when branch pierces windshield

“Debby Clish credits divine intervention for saving her life after a large tree branch crashed through her windshield and totaled her car Wednesday afternoon.

The East Bridgewater resident was driving on Pearl Street in Brockton, Massachusetts, as storms rolled through the area around 4 o’clock.

She said she didn’t see the limb fall, but knew to move out of the way.

“All of a sudden, God’s voice spoke to me. He said, ‘Debby! Duck!’” Clish recalled.

She escaped without any injuries, noting that her insurance company called her “The Miracle Lady.””

Check out the story here.

Call it a sixth sense, gut-feeling, or ESP but if what this woman says is indeed true then miracle is the appropriate word to define her ordeal. Looking at the photos, given the size of the branch it’s incredible that she walked away with only a minor cut. Her primary concern after the accident? Being allowed to smoke in the ambulance!

At IAS Auto Glass we’ve seen our fair share of damaged windshields. Understandly, most drivers are still very shaken even days after their accident when they comes to us for a replacement. Because of this, we strive to do everything possible to make your windshield replacement or repair as smooth as possible. Call us at 952-797-4374 to schedule an appointment or visit our auto glass service page for more information.

Several recalls issued for RVs over window glass detachments

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued three visibility recalls on Highland Ridge RV, Keystone RV Company (Keystone), and Thor Motor Coach (TMC). Each recall states the affected vehicle models have bonding issues.

Highland Ridge RV

The recall, according to NHTSA, states if the window glass detaches while the trailer is moving it could become a projectile, which would increase the risk of an accident.


Keystone is recalling hundreds of its 2020 Alpine, Avalanche, Fuzion, Laredo, Montana, Raptor, Crossroads Redwood, and Dutchmen Voltage trailers. According to the company, the adhesive bond between the glass and the metal frame of the frameless windows may fail which can allow the glass to detach while moving.


TMC recently announced it is recalling certain 2020-2021 ACE, 2021 Four Winds and 2020 Gemini, Axis, Compass, Delano, Windsport, Hurricane, Outlaw, and Vegas motorhomes. According to NHTSA and the company, the adhesive bond between the glass and the metal hinge frame of the frameless windows may fail which would then allow the glass to detach and fall out.”

Full details on this story can be read here.

There doesn’t appear to be any incidents recorded regarding the above defects, rather this seems like a proactive approach on the part of the NHTSA. It’s quite unusual to see 3 manufacturers suffer the same issue with their vehicles, but at least they all are taking the problem seriously. If you’re an owner of one of the affected models, expect to be contacted by the manufacturer if you haven’t already.

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What’s the difference between OEM and aftermarket windshields

“When your windshield cracks and you need a replacement, there are two types of windshield glass available to you—OEM and aftermarket glass. Which of these options is best for you?

OEM Auto Glass

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM auto glass is fabricated by the same manufacturer that provided the original glass the automaker placed in your vehicle. In essence, you should be getting an almost identical windshield to the factory auto glass your vehicle came with when it rolled off the assembly line. OEM glass also has special automaker branding on it.

Aftermarket Auto Glass

Aftermarket auto parts are made by a company other than the original equipment manufacturer. Or by the same OEM company on a different production line. Some of these parts are similar quality to OEM parts. Others are not. If you’re paying for your glass replacement out-of-pocket, aftermarket auto glass could be the cheaper option.”

Read more about the differences here.

While aftermarket windshields are typically less expensive than their OEM counterparts, their is no guarantee that the quality is equal. In fact aftermarket windshields may cut some corners during production that could potentially lower their lifespan. In most cases the average consumer may save 40% to 60% if purchasing an aftermarket windshield. However, there’s something to be said for making the investment with OEM windshields that have gone through rigorous testing and therefore likely have a much better warranty.

At IAS Auto Glass, we use the highest grade of OEM materials for replacing windshields. Our goal is to meet or exceed industry glass standards when performing auto glass service. Call us at 952-797-4374 to learn more or visit our FAQ page for further information.