Can excessive heat cause your windshield to crack?

“Although heat can put stress on laminated windshields, they will not crack or chip unless it has been hit by flying debris or a stone hurled at high speed

Experts with the Motor Industry Research Association said warmer weather causes chips to spread into vertical cracks.

Our experts recommend repairing chips or cracks as soon as possible especially during long heat waves.

And you really want to resist cranking up the A/C on sweltering hot days.

“If it’s more than 100 degrees outside and your windshield is extremely hot, that rapid oscillation between hot and cold can make it crack probably more than anything else can”, Cynthia Roy, automotive technician at Roy’s Automotive explains.”

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If there ever was a good reason to get that chip or crack fixed in your windshield, the possibility of it worsening should make it obvious. Instead of paying a small fee for repair you could be talking about having to replace the entire windshield. That’s a lot more of an involved process and will end up taking more time and costing you more money.

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Hail storm wreaks havoc on brooklyn park residents and businesses

“Many Brooklyn Park businesses are calling their insurance companies after Monday’s hail.

The storm also caused a problem for The Window Store Home Improvements next door, but owner Ron Vosika says that’s not necessarily bad news.

“This windshield’s got a nice circle in it from here and these dents in the hood,” pointed out Vosika. “We had six vehicles here and two trailers that got damaged. In Osseo, there we had two other vehicles that were parked over there that got damaged.””

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According to eyewitnesses, the hail storm brought chunks of ice the size of golf balls. Many people in the Brooklyn Park area tried to quickly get their vehicles under cover but didn’t quite make it. As a result, lots of broken glass, dents, and dings were unavoidable.

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Police called on man who refused to pay for shoddy windshield repair job

“A Fort Smith man has a chip on his shoulder – and two on his windshield – after police responded when he refused to pay a $75 fee for a repair job at a Deco Windshield Repair kiosk in Yellowknife on July 25.

Ken Hudson, president of the Fort Smith Metis Council, paid up as soon as police arrived but insists he was swindled.

Hudson went into the Canadian Tire. When he returned, he was dismayed to find the technician had failed to fix the windshield, he said.

“I came back and he was still working on it,” said Hudson. “The one chip looked exactly the same from when he started. The second one didn’t look much better.””

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There’s always at least two sides to every story. Is the customer being unruly and unfair or did the technician actually perform a poor job? It’s true that the main objective of fixing chips in windshields is to repair the integrity of the glass. However, although there might be an imperfection or noticeable spot, an improvement should be visible. In this case, the customer took a photo of the repair job afterward and claimed it looked exactly as it did before.

At IAS Auto Glass, customer satisifaction is our priority. We always strive to meet our customer’s expectations as well as clearly define what the main purpose of repair is. If your windshield needs repair or replacement please call us at 952-797-4374 or visit our auto glass page for more information.

4 year court battle between Nationwide and a VT. auto glass shop ends

“The four-year legal battle between a Vermont auto repair shop and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (Nationwide) has come to an end. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Parker’s Classic Auto Works, Ltd. (PCAW).

A Superior Court judge previously ruled to throw out the jury’s verdict that was in favor of PCAW. Now however, the auto body shop will gain $41,737.89 from Nationwide due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in late June. The Vermont Supreme Court, provided a 14-page unanimous decision that was authored by Justice Karen Carroll, which ruled in favor of PCAW.

According to court documents, PCAW claimed Nationwide “failed to pay enough to cover needed repairs to vehicles that had been in collisions.” The allegations were also referred to as “short-pay” throughout PCAW’s complaint.”

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In the news lately it’s been Geico that has been cracking on auto glass companies who submit fradulent claims. This time around it’s the insurance agency was found in breach of contract for not providing adequate reimbursement. In both cases, the costs usually tricker down to the consumer in regards to higher insurance premiums or out of pocket costs for services.

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Documentary about auto glass’s biggest supplier to be released on Netflix

“The locally made documentary about Fuyao Glass America will be released on Netflix Aug. 21.

The film — made by Yellow Springs filmmakers Steve Bognar and Julia Reichert and their colleagues — follows the creation of the Chinese-owned automotive glass-factory in the same building that had once housed a General Motors assembly operation in Moraine.The plant today is the largest single-site auto glass production site on the planet, with about 2,300 workers.”

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If you ever wondered about how the auto glass industry works, this film will give you some insight. If you look at the technological history of Fuyao, you might be surprised to learn some of their innovations that we take for granted these days. Things such as wired glass defrosts, HUD (heads up display) glass, even solar glass! No doubt, they have some exciting things on the horizon.

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Mattress comes crashing through NC woman’s windshield

It’s fortunate that the woman only sustained minor injuries. An object that heavy travelling at a high rate of speed is going to make quite an impact. The driver who failed to properly secure the mattress will most likely be apprehended if not already. One things for sure, as the woman says, avoid following vehicles hauling heavy loads unless absolutely necessary. If you’re on a single lane road then make sure to allow for a great distance between your vehicle and the one in front.

If you’ve been in an accident and sustained windshield damage, call the pros at IAS Auto Glass. We offer free mobile service and our rates are competitive. Visit our auto glass service page or dial 952-797-4374 for more information.

Old car windshields may soon be used as 3D printing materials

“Researchers from Poland’s Silesian University of Technology are getting in on the recycling action via 3D printing, and the title of their recently published paper certainly grabs the attention, whether you are a tech buff or not. ‘The Use of Shredded Car Windscreen Waste as Reinforcement of Thermoplastic Composites for 3D (FDM) Printing,’ authored by Piotr Olesik, Mateusz Koziol, Daria Konik, and Jakub Jała, outlines their recent experimentation with shredded windscreen glass in FDM 3D printing.

In beginning their study, the researchers were able to obtain glass powder from ground windscreen glass waste to create a composite for 3D printing filament by adding low density polyethylene (LDPE). The powder still contained the PVB (polyvinyl butyral), however, which is a necessary component to safety glass as a binding resin that adds strength but also some degree of flexibility. By keeping it in the mix they were also able to eliminate the added expense of removal.”

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It’s an interesting concept that might not only be practical but also help to reduce waste from old windshields. 3D printing has seen all sorts of advacements over the last decade. Most notably is the progress made in the medical field as it pertains to 3D printed organs. It’s doubtful that you’ll see old car windshields used for printing out devices for medicine, however, there is certainly potential for other great things.

Speaking of great things, the team at IAS Auto Glass is always eager to help customers with their windshield repair or replacement. Call us at 952-797-4374 to schedule service. We also provide mobile service at no extra charge to area residents.

Geico is going after repair shops that submit fraudulent repair bills

“GEICO is redoubling its zero-tolerance policy towards fraud, by filing its second federal lawsuit in Arizona against an auto repair shop that has been suspected of filing fraudulent repair bills.

The insurer alleges that the Advantage Auto Glass repair shop submitted invoices with forged signatures of GEICO’s customers, for repairs that were never even performed. In particular, GEICO alleges that it was billed for repairs associated with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – systems that were not even available on many of the cars being “repaired.”

In addition to billing for services that were not provided, GEICO’s suit alleges that the defendants submitted falsified documents from Arizona automobile dealerships for reimbursement of glass parts that were not purchased.”

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Unfortunately insurance fraud has been a problem across all industries for some time now. If what GEICO claims is true, this particular repair shop had a lot of audacity in filing these fradulent claims. It’s hard to imagine that a reputable business would employ this tactic to save some money. However, it’s best not to rush to judgement as GEICO has been sued in the past for underpayment on legitimate claims.

At IAS Auto Glass, we are a preffered provider for many insurance companies. We help our clients file the necessary and appropriate claims as they are entitled to for auto glass repair and replacement. If you’re in need of auto glass service, contact us at 952-797-4374 to discuss your options.

Cat becomes internet sensation when accidentally shipped from China to an auto glass shop

“A six year old orange tabby has become an internet sensation and made an auto glass company famous in the process. The cat spent three weeks without food or water, after having traveled from Shenzhen, China to the port in Vancouver until she was found inside of a shipping container by some of the team at Independent Glass Distributers, in Prince George, British Columbia.

“For 20 sum years of doing this, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Initially I wanted to protect my guys because you never know what an animal can carry. We found the tiny thing at the back of the truck after about an hour of unloading, originally we thought it was a rat or something because we had seen so many pieces of cardboard on the ground and heard sounds leading us to the last container,” said Darcy Legeard, Independent Glass Distributers, in Prince George, British Columbia manager.

The British Columbia SPCA North Cariboo District Branch took donations for medical treatment for the traveling feline. According to B.C.’s SPCA, the animal, also known as Stowaway, was believed to have survived by licking condensation that formed on the shipping container’s walls and consuming cardboard.”

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We can’t say that we’ve found any stowaway cats from any of our distributors. However, we’re delighted to hear how this particular cat is making a full recovery after such an arduous joruney. It’s amazing to think that this animal survived with no food or water for a whole month!

At IAS Auto Glass Solutions, we might not have any pets roaming around, but we do know our stuff! We offer a wide range of auto glass services and even offer mobile auto glass service in the twin cities are at no extra cost. Call us at 952-797-4374 or visit our auto glass service page for more information.

Man arrested for smashing dozens of windshields in New Jersey

“Police have tracked down the man they believe terrorized dozens of motorists on Route 539, allegedly lobbing missiles from his car at theirs between December and March.

Anthony A. Lewis, 35, of Chesterfield in Burlington County, is facing 31 counts each of criminal mischief, interfering with transportation and reckless endangerment, according to a statement from township police.

Police agencies from throughout the county took reports from victims in 41 different cars “struck with objects thrown from another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction,” Manchester police Lt. Vincent Manco wrote in the statement. “A majority of the incidents occurred on Feb. 14, 2019, along a stretch of County Route 539 in Plumsted Township.”

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It’s worrisome enough when drivers have to be on alert for debris and loose objects striking their windshield while driving. However, when people maliciously try to damage another vehicle and harm their occupants, it’s downright infuriating. Fortunately, the suspect has been detained and will most likely be facing a very hefty fine along with some jail time. It’s a miracle that none of the victims were seriously injured or killed.

If your windshield has been damaged due to vandalism or otherwise, contact IAS Auto Glass solutions at 952-797-4374 for expert auto glass service. We even work on commercial equipment such as bulldozers!