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Student feared for his life as pumpkin smashes through windshield

A pumpkin smashed through a car windshield on Interstate 70 in Indiana on Sunday and came within inches of hitting the driver.

“I just started shaking because I guess I was so scared,” said Caleb Needham, the car’s owner.

The car now has a busted windshield, and sitting in the passenger’s seat surrounded by shattered glass is the pumpkin that did the damage.

“I entered like a shocked state. I’m like, ‘What just happened? Where did this pumpkin come from?’ I could honestly just have died right there,” said Needham.

Around 4 a.m., Needham, who is an Indiana State University student, was heading home after going to some haunted houses with friends. He was on I-70 in Hendricks County when he saw a semitrailer swerve. Seconds later, a pumpkin flew through his windshield.”

Read about this terrifying story here.

Of course, some prankster threw the pumpkin off the overpass which would have killed this driver had it landed directly in front of him. There’s been an alarming trend of objects being thrown from overpasses at unknowing drivers. After the shock of such an incident, these drivers are left to also deal with the damage to their vehicle. Depending on insurance coverage, the cost may not have to be out of pocket.

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