Golf ball sized-hole discovered in residents windshield near golf course

“A golf ball from the Southgate Municipal Golf Course reportedly made its way into a nearby resident’s driveway Aug. 25. Around 6 p.m., a man living in the 13000 block of Westminster Street said he discovered a golf ball-sized hole in the windshield of his 2018 Lincoln MKX. The next day, he took the car to the Southgate Police Department, where an officer noted the damage to the upper middle of the windshield. The estimated cost of repairs was $700.”

Read the report here.

When you discover damage to your vehicle while it is parked, it can be tricky getting reimbursed quickly. Unless covered by your insurance, you may have to foot the bill for the repair while the legal process plays out. This can be an unwelcomed burden and financial strain.

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