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How much does it cost to replace RV glass?

“If you own a Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhome, your RV windshield is a key component of your safety. Your RV windshield takes the brunt of the wind, rocks, trash, and anything else that might kick up from another vehicle or fall from a passing truck and hit it. Keeping your RV windshield in tip-top condition should be your number one priority. Here’s why:

Class A RV Windshield Replacement Cost

There are several reasons why a Class A RV windshield replacement will cost more than replacing a standard vehicle windshield. For one thing, the windshield is much larger than one on a standard car.

You can expect to pay between $1,000-5,000 to completely replace your Class A motorhome windshield.

Class B RV Windshield Replacement Cost

A Class B campervan uses the same type of windshield as a standard van so the cost is substantially lower than that of a specialty Class A windshield. You should expect to pay between $200-800 to replace a Class B windshield, the cost of replacing the windshield on a standard vehicle.

Class C RV Windshield Replacement Cost

Class C campers also have larger windshields that need to protect a larger surface area than a standard vehicle windshield. The cost for a Class C motorhome windshield replacement is therefore going to be more expensive, like a Class A windshield.”

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As you can probably guess, installing a new RV windshield is no easy task. If you try to do it yourself you risk improper installation which could lead to all sorts of bad things. These include allowing leaks like air and water as well as the possibility of dislodgement. It’s best to let the professionals do the work!

The technicians at IAS Auto Glass have the expertise and skills necessary to replace your RV windshield. Whether you have Class A, B, or C rest assured we’ll get the job done. Call us at 952-797-4374 or visit our auto glass service page for more information.