‘Divine Intervention’ saves woman from serious injury when branch pierces windshield

“Debby Clish credits divine intervention for saving her life after a large tree branch crashed through her windshield and totaled her car Wednesday afternoon.

The East Bridgewater resident was driving on Pearl Street in Brockton, Massachusetts, as storms rolled through the area around 4 o’clock.

She said she didn’t see the limb fall, but knew to move out of the way.

“All of a sudden, God’s voice spoke to me. He said, ‘Debby! Duck!’” Clish recalled.

She escaped without any injuries, noting that her insurance company called her “The Miracle Lady.””

Check out the story here.

Call it a sixth sense, gut-feeling, or ESP but if what this woman says is indeed true then miracle is the appropriate word to define her ordeal. Looking at the photos, given the size of the branch it’s incredible that she walked away with only a minor cut. Her primary concern after the accident? Being allowed to smoke in the ambulance!

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