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Ice sheet causes serious damage to driver and windshield

“A driver on Highway 417 suffered serious head injuries when a sheet of ice flew off another vehicle and crashed through her windshield.

Emergency crews responded to the incident near the Kent Street exit on the eastbound highway around 1:40 p.m. Thursday.

Paramedics say a woman in her 40s was hurt when the sheet of ice struck her vehicle.

They are reminding drivers to clear all snow and ice off their vehicles.

On Friday, Ontario Provincial Police appealed for witnesses or the driver of a white truck that was travelling westbound on Hwy. 417 at the time of the incident to come forward.”

Read more about this incident here.

Minnesota currently makes it a misdemeanor for failure to clear your vehicle from ice and snow. Typically carrying a fine of $100 that, unfortunately, doesn’t deter some lazy motorists. The potential for bodily harm and even fatalities is just too great to risk such actions. Furthermore, as evidenced above, such infractions also result in windshield and other vehicle damage.

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