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Don’t fall for the “quick hacks” for windshield defrosting

“The icy winter storm across the U.S. has brought snow to 100 million Americans from the South to East Coast, causing hazardous road conditions and car troubles such as icy windshields.

While authorities have urged people to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel, one social media user recently took to Facebook to offer some alleged advice on how to defrost car windows that have been frozen by the ice and sleet.

The user claims dumping scorching hot water on your windshield can be more effective at clearing the glass windshield.

“Pour hot water on your windshield & it’ll defrost faster thank me later,” reads the Feb. 14 post with over 12,000 shares.”

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It’s astounding that such bad advice can be shared thousands of times as if it is some sort of new tip. There has always been people who’ve resorted to pouring hot water on a windshield to thaw it out. Yes, that’s a quick way to melt ice. It’s also inevitable that at some point that hot water will cause the windshield to crack. Why? Because the glass can’t handle such extreme temperature changes.

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