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Nebraska State Troopers encounter home-made windshield repair

Photo by the Nebraska State Patrol

“Photos posted to the Nebraska State Patrol Facebook page show what appears to be a plastic sheet replacing the windshield of a Pontiac car. Duct tape and either Scotch tape or box tape holds the plastic to the car and its windshield wipers.

What appears to be a thin, wooden stick supports the middle of the sheet of plastic, photos show. And supporting the stick is a can of Del Monte sliced carrots wedged into a crack on the dashboard.”

See the photos and get the full story here.

Dangerous and dumb. If the driver got into an accident, they would’ve had no protection from the front. Also, plastic is no subsitute for glass when it comes to visibility. We’re sure this person got a hefty fine and a stern talking to from the Police.

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