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Catfish smashes through windshield of SUV

“It’s not unusual for eastern North Carolina drivers to hit a deer while driving, or a raccoon or even a crow or vulture munching on road kill; it’s not, however, common for a driver to hit a catfish while driving down the road.

Rhesa Walston of Washington hit the whiskered fish while driving home from her mom’s house on Wednesday night.

“That birds got a fish and I was like oh my gosh, it’s a catfish and about that time he drops it and it lands on my windshield and tiny glass just goes everywhere.””

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What are the odds that a bird would drop a fish (or any object) and have it land right on your windshield? It’s hard to not be angry and feel like this was an intentional act. Unfortunately, situations like these might be classified as an “Act of God” and therefore could be difficult to win a claim.

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