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Does auto insurance include windshield repair and replacement?

“Windshield replacement has historically been the top car insurance claim. Highway debris from vehicles and construction trucks can cause a surprising amount of damage when you are traveling 65 miles per hour. A tiny pebble could crack your windshield. Many people ask, “does insurance cover windshield damage?” The answer depends on the type of car insurance coverage you have.

There are two main types of car insurance, commonly known as minimum coverage and full coverage car insurance. Minimum coverage car insurance is the most basic type. It means the minimum coverage that is legally required in your state to operate a vehicle. That said, states do not require optional coverages like comprehensive and collision coverage. Therefore, if your windshield cracked because of a rock hitting it while driving on the highway, comprehensive coverage would not be available to help cover the repairs.

Full coverage expands on the required state coverages and adds comprehensive and collision coverage to your auto policy. These add-ons help cover repair costs for perils such as fire, flooding, theft, vandalism and damage to your vehicle from an at-fault accident.”

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Typically, comprehensive coverage would at the very least pay for a portion of the repair/replacement of your windshield. This type of coverage has also been referred to as “act of god” incidents where damage was done unintentionally. However, each insurer has differing specifics regarding comprehensive plans and therefore you may need to contact them directly to learn more.

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