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Recognizing women in the auto glass industry

“Today is International Women’s Day, and it wouldn’t be complete without highlighting a few women in auto glass. Though the industry has been and is still predominately male driven, more women are finding success working on everything from installs to shop ownership.

“I think more women should get into this industry because it can help your business grow, it did for our business,” says Alicia Maples, co-owner of Fix-A-Crack Windshield Repair & Replacement.

“There have been times when I’ve been out doing mobile repairs and people have slowed down to see what I was doing crawling around a car. Then they’ve called our shop to confirm that yes a woman was working a car by herself,” adds Maples.”

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The article expands on how new technology for auto glass repair shops has made it easier for all technicians to provide auto glass service. What once was a male-dominated industry is starting to see some diversity among auto glass shop owners. More competition is a good thing, as it means that shops have to work hard and strive for excellence to appeal to their customer base.

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