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Birds blamed for dozens of broken windshields from dropped rocks

“Rock-dropping black birds — maybe ravens, maybe crows — are accused of smashing out glass in a half-dozen vehicles parked at Soldotna’s Central Peninsula Hospital last week.

Keith Randall, the hospital’s security manager, heard about the spate of broken windshields, rear windows and sunroofs and figured he was dealing with a vandalism problem.

Randall quickly realized he was. But it wasn’t humans doing the damage. The evidence pointed to black birds “observed over a period of time picking up rocks and dropping ’em into the parking lot,” he said last week. “Multiple people have said, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve seen them do that before.’””

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Vandals break windshields with rocks all the time. So it is easy to assume that if you see stones next to broken glass, vicious people are to blame. That’s not the case in this situation. One woman called her insurance company trying to explain what had happened and exclaimed that she was not making it up. Unfortunately for her, that company agreed to only cover half of the cost of damage.

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