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Vandals break car windows in more than 50 vehicles

“Brown Deer police are looking for those who broke into more than 50 vehicles during the overnight hours from Sunday, Oct. 24, through Monday, Oct. 25.

The vandals targeted vehicles parked at businesses and residences along Green Bay and Brown Deer Road. According to police, it appears the main purpose was to cause damage to as many vehicles as possible while ignoring most of the property contained within the vehicles.

In fact, Brown Deer police have surveillance video that they say shows several people smashing car windows for the heck of it, leaving valuables and a whole lot of broken glass behind.

The vehicles hit include those belonging to the Army and first responders.”

Read more about this incident here.

One of the army personnel who had his car broken into referred to the incident as very sad and unfortunate. He noted how the army had come to the community to help and this was the thanks that was given. The only silver lining is that most of the belongings were left untouched. Still, it takes some pretty cruel individuals do perform such henious acts.

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