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What are the black dots along the edge of your windshield?

“Each dot on the windshield is called a frit and is a ceramic paint marking that is baked into the edges of the glass during the manufacturing process

While the “dot matrix” pattern on your window is found around the edges of the window, you may also notice a smattering of these behind the rearview mirror. If you look closely, frits can be actual little round dots or even angular diamond-like shapes.

Frits serve to create a rougher point of contact between the car’s frame and the glass panels for the adhesives to bond to. This means the windshield is more secure, as the glue used to install a windshield sticks better to a surface that isn’t smooth.”

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Frits also serve other purposes besides bonding the glass. They help to conceal the adhesive for a more clean look and appearance for one. They also block the sun from damaging the adhesive which might cause the glass to come loose. Finally, these dots help to regulate the temperature of the glass by providing proper heat distribution.

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