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Plywood smashes ambulance windshield nearly striking driver

“A 2-foot-by-4-foot piece of plywood punctured an ambulance windshield in Colorado, fire officials said.

Two firefighter paramedics had dropped off a patient at the hospital and were returning to the fire station when the board struck the driver side windshield on Oct. 28, spokesperson for West Metro Fire Rescue Ronda Scholting told McClatchy News.

Glass sprayed on the driver, flying into his ears and mouth, Scholting said. But glass didn’t get into his eyes because he was wearing sunglasses.

The driver had minor scrapes from the glass, and the passenger was uninjured.

“Sometimes those things go all the way through the window and people get severely injured, so I would say we were lucky,” AJ Kallwheit, who was driving the ambulance, told KDVR.”

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According to the report, the plywood became airbone from the bed of a truck because it was left unsecured. Even if the plywood was laid flat, air could’ve gone underneath causing it to fly out of the truck. While these paramedics were lucky, in many cases victims of unsecured loads aren’t as fortunate. Hopefully the offending driver got a wake up call to be more careful in the future.

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