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Trucker sees fish dropped from sky land on windshield

“A truck was rolling down a highway in North Carolina when its windshield was struck by a fish.

The Charlotte Observer reported Friday that the unlucky fish had been caught by a hungry bird and then dropped from the sky.

The incident happened southeast of High Point where Interstate 73 crosses Randleman Lake in Randolph County.

Video above the truck’s windshield shows the moment when bird flies by and drops the fish.

The snipped of video was then posted on social media by Ward Transport and Logistics, a trucking company that has an office in Charlotte.”

Check out the full story by going here.

What are the odds that a bird that snatched a fish out of nearby water would lose its grip and drop it on an unsuspecting driver’s windshield? According to the rest of the story, the trucker calmly pulled over his vehicle to inspect for any damage. Luckily, it appears that the windshield remained intact and no damage or injuries were sustained. We’re sure this trucker had quite the story to share later that day!

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