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Man piles furniture on windshield, roof, and trunk of car while driving

“A driver decided to move a large sofa by putting it on the front windshield of his car, totally obscuring his view of the road ahead. The four-door silver sedan was snapped in West Mobile, Alabama, on Friday with a TV on the roof, and a matching couch obscuring the back window. The five-second video shot by Adrianne Ely Pyle and obtained by WKRG showed the three pieces of furniture tied to the car with rope.

Pyle drove up alongside the vehicle and passed it, revealing the car had a driver as well as a passenger. The car appeared to have the front driver’s side window rolled down, perhaps to help him see the road ahead.”

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Talk about an accident waiting to happen. Aside from the terrible and dangerous idea, a windshield isn’t meant to support that much weight. Instead of renting a uhaul, this driver is willing to potentially kill himself, his passenger, and anyone unlucky enough to be in their path. After another reporter contacted the local police, they were informed that no witnesses came forward and a citation wasn’t issued. Yikes!

Unfortunately, poor choices from motorists regarding unsecured loads affect innocent drivers far too often. This usually happens when construction vehicles or trucks neglect to secure items such as poles, bricks, and other heavy objects. Some times these incidents are fatal. They almost always involving smashing the windshield. The team at IAS Auto Glass understands how stressful situations like these are and offer our expert windshield replacement service at a reasonable price. Call us at 952-797-4374 to learn more.