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Can excessive heat cause your windshield to crack?

“Although heat can put stress on laminated windshields, they will not crack or chip unless it has been hit by flying debris or a stone hurled at high speed

Experts with the Motor Industry Research Association said warmer weather causes chips to spread into vertical cracks.

Our experts recommend repairing chips or cracks as soon as possible especially during long heat waves.

And you really want to resist cranking up the A/C on sweltering hot days.

“If it’s more than 100 degrees outside and your windshield is extremely hot, that rapid oscillation between hot and cold can make it crack probably more than anything else can”, Cynthia Roy, automotive technician at Roy’s Automotive explains.”

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If there ever was a good reason to get that chip or crack fixed in your windshield, the possibility of it worsening should make it obvious. Instead of paying a small fee for repair you could be talking about having to replace the entire windshield. That’s a lot more of an involved process and will end up taking more time and costing you more money.

At IAS auto glass, we repair windshields as well as replace them. No matter how bad the damage is, we have you covered one way or another. Call us at 952-797-4374 or visit our auto glass page for more information.