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Windshield beam technology aims for uniform heating

Dr. Shevelev is the technology director at Gyrotron Technology. During his presentation he introduced the Gyrotron beam. Traditionally glass absorbs infrared from its surface, creating a temperature differential between inner and outer surfaces, according to his presentation. Heating patterns are able to change with the use of the company’s beam.

“The goal is to create uniform distribution across the glass and this beam allows that to happen,” Dr. Shevelev said. He used an interesting story to make the windshield heating process more relatable.

“Think of it like a microwave. When you use it to reheat food, like chicken, you have to rotate it to ensure the chicken has an equal amount of heat put onto it. This is the same concept,” he said.

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Who would’ve thought the technological advancements made for windshields would be so prevalent. You’ve most likely heard about smart windshields that have displays and data contained within. Now there is a beaming technology created to distribute heat evenly throughout the windshield. Although, the most important job of a windshield is to do just that, shield you from the wind and other debris, these new developments warrant attention.

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