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Will my auto insurance pay for my windshield replacement?

“Are windshields covered by insurance? They typically would be through the comprehensive coverage portion of your policy. But depending on your insurance company, the state you live in and the event that caused your glass to break, there may be other options.

Collision insurance pays for your vehicle losses and repairs that were caused during a crash. If your windshield is cracked after you rear-end another vehicle or drive into a pole, collision insurance will likely cover the windshield damage minus the deductible amount you chose for this coverage.

Comprehensive insurance adds protection for other events not related to a collision. Say a tree branch falls on your vehicle, a rock hits the glass, you strike a deer or a severe hailstorm cracks your windshield. In any of the events mentioned, comprehensive insurance could pay to replace the damaged glass, minus your deductible.”

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In most cases, deductibles for windshield repairs are waived and insurance foots the entire bill. However, when it comes to a windshield replacement only a few states have a policy called “zero deductible”. Chances are, unless you live in one of those states that you will be responsible for the deductible.

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