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Protect yourself and your windshield by recognizing dangerous highway situations

It is a high-speed, highly dangerous, highway nightmare. We’re talking about road debris, items falling off other vehicles on the road and then flying directly into your path, into your car, and maybe into your windshield.

Stuart Roy, a loving father with two daughters, lived out this nightmare when a six-foot pitchfork fell off of a lumber truck and rocketed straight at his car.

The pitchfork came crashing through his windshield, aimed directly at his head.

Luckily, one of the prongs hit the roof of his car, which stopped the rest of the pitchfork from taking Stuart’s head off.

As for Roy and Colley, who both survived and came out untouched after road debris came flying their way, they both say they have changed the way they drive down the highway.

“If I see something, even a little unsafe-looking ahead of me on the road, I move over, I get away from any vehicle like that,” Shelby said.

“If I see something a little crazy ahead of me, I’m slowing down, getting in a different lane. I just get out of the way”, Stuart said.

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Anytime you see an erratic driver or dangerous-looking load while you’re driving the best bet is to steer clear. Accidents happen in an instant and even close calls like the ones above have a huge psychological effect. Windshields offer some level of protection but they can’t stop everything in their path. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with a scary situation such as these.

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