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Who foots the bill when your auto glass spontaneously shatters?

“Automotive glass is supposed to stay in one piece, but that isn’t always the case. Recently, an Ontario woman reported her new Volkswagen’s rear window shattered when she closed one of its doors.

According to Global News, Michelle Tupper of Tillsonburg, Ontario, bought a 2021 VW Tiguan. Three weeks later, she reached into the sport-utility while it was parked, and when she closed the door, the rear window broke.

The vehicle was towed to a dealer and examined by a technician. A spokesperson for Volkswagen Canada told the news agency the shattered glass was “the result of some sort of impact from the outside.” Tupper paid the bill for the repair.”

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Although it’s rare when auto glass shatters for no apparent reason, it’s not unhead of. In fact, one of the main areas over the last few decades where this has happened is in sunroofs. In many cases motorists have been claiming that their sunroofs exploded while driving their vehicle. One can imagine how scary this might be and the danger that it presents, especially when driving on a congested highway.

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