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Volvo is developing an augmented reality windshield for driver assistance

“Volvo is among the most innovative car companies in the world, particularly when it comes to introducing the latest safety technologies. The company has announced a partnership with Spectralics, an Israel-based start-up that is working on levelling up traditional ‘heads-up’ display technology. Spectralics is working with a multi-layered thin combiner (MLTC) film that can be embedded in the windshield of a car to turn the whole window into a large augmented reality (AR) display.

The aim of the technology is to further aid the driver by identifying key features and potential hazards in the area in the immediate vicinity ahead of where the car is being driven. According to Volvo, this wide field of view heads-up display “can instill a sense of distance as virtual objects are superimposed onto the real-world environment for a safe and immersive experience.”

Read more about this technology from Volvo here.

While it will likely be years before we see this AR windshield from Volvo implemented in their fleet of vehicles, the prospect sounds not only fun and exciting but will make driving safer. Anything that can help drivers become alerted quickly to potential hazards and dangers on the road is a good thing!

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