You are currently viewing Toyota Prius facing legal issues for “self-destructing” windshields

Toyota Prius facing legal issues for “self-destructing” windshields

What Is The Prius Lawsuit About?
There is an alleged defect that can cause the windshields of 2016-2018 Prius to crack unexpectedly at any time during normal driving. There are 57 pages about the complaint, including points at which the windshield can self destruct at any time. The problem with the Prius windshield can happen when parked or while traveling at high speeds.

What Could Happen To You In Your Prius?
A windshield that self destructs could be nothing short of a disaster. The structural integrity of the main cabin relies upon the windscreen in the event of an accident.”

Read more on this lawsuit here.

Apparently, Toyota has known about this issue for some time. Funds from the lawsuit are supposed to help those who’ve put in a claim for repair to be reimbursed. There doesn’t appear to be any recall, so it seems like if you’re a Prius owner, you’ll have to see when and if your windshield is affected.

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