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Toyota advising repair shops on auto glass replacement procedure

“Toyota has warned repairers that the old practice of repainting a glass opening might not apply to its vehicles today.

The fall 2018 Collision Pros magazine announced Thursday called the glass often “an integral part of the body structure.” In the article, Toyota described how it prepares the pinchweld flanges to receive the glass in the factory, a system that “provides the best paint adhesion and corrosion protection and creates the perfect bonding surface for glass.”

But a repairer can’t duplicate this “due to the complexity of the OE paint finish,” and so you shouldn’t try, according to Toyota.”

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This stance on auto glass replacement just goes to show that much more is involved than the glass itself. It’s important that proper protocols and procedures are followed to ensure that quality and safety aren’t sacrificed. This means adhering to the best practices for replacement as well as following manufacturer guidelines.

At IAS Auto Glass we take advisories from manufacturers very seriously. It’s our job to ensure that your auto glass is repaired in a safe manner. We service all types of vehicles. Check out our auto glass replacement page for more information or call 952-797-4374 for more information.