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Auto repair technicians are becoming scarce these days

“‘I won’t say it is an epidemic today in the collision repair industry, but it is getting close,” Notte told Fixed Ops Journal. “The average age of a [body shop] tech is approaching 50. It’s difficult work, and they retire or move out of the industry.’

Job website lists more than 1,000 openings around the country for body shop technicians at new-vehicle dealerships, independent shops and fleet operations. Among them are 24 openings, as of mid-July, at dealerships operated by Penske Automotive Group, the second-largest U.S. dealership group.”

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Being an auto repair technician, no matter what the speciality is a difficult job. People trust them to fix and repair their vehicles. While there might be a shortage of techs across the country, it isn’t for a lack of passion. This holds especially true for the crew at IAS Auto Glass.

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