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Man arrested after smashing woman’s windshield with bare hands

“man has been arrested following a road rage incident in which he allegedly smashed a woman’s windshield with his bare hands.

Police said Joshua Robert Dalton, 28, jumped on the hood of Veneranda Alvarez’s car and smashed the windshield.

Alvarez, 34, her two daughters and a friend were in the car at the time.

“I was just in panic mode, and in shock and everything all at once,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez said Dalton followed her friend out of a Walgreen’s parking lot and tailgated them before he got out of his vehicle.

Dalton is charged with felony vandalism and is being held on $20,000 bail.”

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Being the victim of a road rage incident is scary enough. Imagine having your children with you during such an event. Fortunately, neither the driver nor her passengers were hurt. The man who allegedly smashed her windshield has been apprehended and will be taught a valuable lesson. Whatever the reason is, it’s never okay to threat another driver.

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