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If your windshield is egged while driving can you use your wipers?

“According to a two-year-old Facebook post that has found new life in recent weeks, gang members launch raw eggs at passing cars, obstructing drivers’ vision. Then, forced to pull over, the drivers are vulnerable to robbers or people posing as helpers.

But you aren’t doomed to become a victim, the post claims, as long as you don’t try to clean your windshield.

There’s no question viscous eggs have the potential to distract drivers and decrease their visibility. But is it true that windshield wipers whip up a blend of egg and water that is 92.5% opaque?

There’s no evidence to support that claim. Several online experiments found that wipers cleaned egg residue effectively.”

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So in the off-chance that you happen to have your windshield eggs while driving. Yes, it’s okay to use your wipers to clear the residue. Unfortunately, most objects intentionally throw at cars tend to be heavy objects like rocks, bricks, and concrete. Vehicle damage aside, such actions pose a huge risks to occupants and are inexcusable.

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