You are currently viewing 4 year court battle between Nationwide and a VT. auto glass shop ends

4 year court battle between Nationwide and a VT. auto glass shop ends

“The four-year legal battle between a Vermont auto repair shop and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (Nationwide) has come to an end. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Parker’s Classic Auto Works, Ltd. (PCAW).

A Superior Court judge previously ruled to throw out the jury’s verdict that was in favor of PCAW. Now however, the auto body shop will gain $41,737.89 from Nationwide due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in late June. The Vermont Supreme Court, provided a 14-page unanimous decision that was authored by Justice Karen Carroll, which ruled in favor of PCAW.

According to court documents, PCAW claimed Nationwide “failed to pay enough to cover needed repairs to vehicles that had been in collisions.” The allegations were also referred to as “short-pay” throughout PCAW’s complaint.”

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In the news lately it’s been Geico that has been cracking on auto glass companies who submit fradulent claims. This time around it’s the insurance agency was found in breach of contract for not providing adequate reimbursement. In both cases, the costs usually tricker down to the consumer in regards to higher insurance premiums or out of pocket costs for services.

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