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The process of cutting laminated window glass

“laminated glass is harder to cut than non-laminated glass. This is because you are cutting through two pieces of glass and a polyvinyl interlayer. Typically, this means you have to cut the glass from both sides (faces) and after “running” the cuts out, you then have to cut through the center interlayer to complete the cut. There are different methods of doing this but I don’t think you are too concerned about that…you just want to know if the glass you received is acceptable.

Often, the complaint with laminated glass is that the interlayer sticks out past the cut edge of the glass. This is easily remedied with a little time and effort. As for the chips you are referring to, for the most part, there may be some very minor chipping (sometimes caused by the cutting of the interlayer) but if it gets really bad, this can be smoothed out with various sanding/polishing techniques. However, the overriding issue to me is…you are the customer and you had certain expectations that apparently were not met.”

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Laminated glass cutting is a process best left to professionals. Since there are layers involved, having a smooth cut takes the right tools and precision. The level of quality for this type of service should leave the glass with smooth edges and the glass free of defections. If you’ve received glass that is marred with issues, let your service provider know immediately and get a refund.

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