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High windows send tree limbs flying into MA man’s windshield

“A Weymouth man says he’s lucky to be alive after a rotted tree snapped and crashed through his windshield as whipping winds moved through the Bay State on Friday morning.

Nick Rand was driving to work and passing through Sudbury when the tree came crashing down in the area of Route 20 at Brimstone Lane.

“Absolute shock. Panic and shock,” Rand said of his brush with death. “Thank God I’m here today…Someone is watching over me.”

The 32-year-old father wasn’t seriously hurt but the incident left him covered in shards of glass.

“I think I just glided. I didn’t continue to drive because I couldn’t see. I was terrified,” Rand said. “I pulled over right away.””

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Not only was the windshield completely busted but Mr. Rand’s insurance company deemed the vehicle a total loss. The positive takeaway is that cars can be replaced, people can not. Such accidents are a reminder that it is wise to carry comprehensive insurance to help pay for repairs. If it is just minor damage to the windshield there may be a deductible but you shouldn’t have to pay for the full cost of replacement.

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