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Florida man beats on windshield of semi-truck driving down highway

“A man clinging to the hood of a semi-trailer truck isn’t something one normally sees while driving on a highway.

Even in the state of Florida.

In a viral video that’s been viewed more 4.7 million times, a man can be seen riding on the hood of a semi-tractor trailer truck while it travelled down I-95 in Boyton Beach, Fla this past Saturday.

News outlet WPLG reported Florida Highway Patrol received a call from the passenger of a Toyota SUV early Saturday afternoon about a man he was driving “acting strange.” According to state troopers, the passenger said the driver then stopped on the southbound ramp of the Florida turnpike, got out of his car and began walking on the highway.”

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The video clip played out like a scene from a hollywood action movie. In fact, you can see that the truck driver, who is clearly startled, try to shake the clinging man off of his hood. Fortunately, a state trooper came over to assist in the situation and the driver complied by pulling over. Afterward, the hood jumper was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

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