Apple patents new tech to detect windshield cracks

“Cracked windshields are not only a pain in the butt, they can be dangerous if they obstruct your vision, and they can also be expensive to replace. That cost goes up if the windshield is electronically heated or otherwise technologically enhanced.

Apple thinks it may have a solution to this problem — yes, that Apple — or at least that it may be close enough to an answer to have filed a patent application, on Nov. 19. The application describes a system that would carefully monitor the resistance of a conductive film in the sandwiched piece of glass to detect when the glass has been compromised due to physical damage.

What benefit would this serve? I mean, either way, the glass has to be replaced, right? Well, because this is Apple we’re talking about, the system would be smart. That means it would alert you to a windshield crack before the crack necessarily became visible, or it could even go so far as to book the repair procedure automatically.”

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Apple seems to know a thing or two about cracked screens. After all, they’ve been dealing with them since the first iPhone was released over a decade ago. Now, it seems, they have bigger aspirations by developing new technology to aid in discovering windshield cracks. It’ll be interesting to see how useful this new tech really is. Most people should obviously see larger cracks or chips soon after they happen. Perhaps the benefit will be to detect cracks that are small and not in one’s line of sight so much?

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As the winter season approaches remember to clear your car of ice and snow

““Drivers should always take the time to remove all snow and ice from the vehicle so it does not become a hazard on the roadway or for other motorists,” said the patrol’s Sgt. Troy Christianson.

It’s also important for drivers to completely clear the frost, snow and ice from all windows so their vision isn’t obstructed, he added.

That’s common sense, but in Minnesota it is also the law. Failure to abide could result in a misdemeanor and a $100 fine.

The State Patrol does not have data on how many citations it issues to drivers specifically for not removing snow or ice, since the offense falls under the statute covering littering — dropping an object “likely to injure any person, animal, or vehicle upon any such street or highway” without the owner’s consent.”

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Minnesota, like many other states, requires its residents to clear snow, ice, and other debris from their vehicle before hitting the road. All too often we hear stories of ice chunks flying off and striking another vehicle. In some cases, this results in serious injury or even death. Other times, these ice shards do damage by piercing windshields – especially on the highway.

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