Class action lawsuit against Hyundai for windshield defects

“Lorenzo Ford and Tina Forehand (collectively the plaintiffs) recently filed a class action complaint against Hyundai Motor America (HMA) and Hyundai Motor Company (HMC), (collectively Hyundai or defendants) in Central California. The plaintiffs allege Hyundai manufactured, marketed, distributed, and sold its 2020 Palisade without disclosing to purchasers and lessees of its issue with windshields cracking, chipping, and otherwise spontaneously breaking. The plaintiffs are seeking a trial by jury along with financial compensation.

According to the class action complaint, the windshield issues cause dangers to safety and Hyundai refuses to admit the glass is defective. The automaker also allegedly refuses to offer a proper fix for the cracked windshields other than forcing Palisade owners to pay for replacement windshields that are also defective, according to the class action complaint.”

Read more about this class action lawsuit here.

According to the complaint, Hyundai is being sued for breach of warranty and violations of various consumer acts. Some of the incidents reported state that when a pebble hit the windshield cracks would form and spread. The suit claims that Hyundai was aware of this issue but has done nothing to remedy the problem and provide compensation. Currently, Hyundai has not responded or commented on the matter.

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Turnip thrown from overpass suspected of damaging semi-truck’s windshield

“Illinois police are investigating a report of an item believed to be a large turnip that was thrown at a semi truck from an overpass on Monday.

The incident occurred around 12:15 a.m. on May 18 near Lyndon, Illinois.

Truck driver Scott Coyle was eastbound on I-88 when someone threw an object off of the Yorktown Road overpass at his vehicle.

“Thankfully as a truck driver I tend to be more aware of my surroundings than the typical commuter so as I approached I noticed a figure in the darkness and my initial reaction was thinking about those who’ve had their lives ended or altered by people throwing rocks off overpasses but I resigned myself to believing it was just a sign only for that to change a split second later,” Coyle wrote in a social media post warning other truck drivers to use caution in the area.”

Check out the full story here.

There’s definitely truth to truck drivers needing more awareness when driving. After all, they aren’t able to stop quickly nor can they make tight corners easily. With all of the incidents you read about involving rocks thrown from overpasses, we understand why truckers fear the worst. Thankfully, the only damage sustained was to the truck’s windshield.

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