Tips to keep your car clean and free of COVID-19

“With the rise of COVID-19 cases around the country, many are disinfecting everything they come in contact with. Along with household items and devices, don’t forget about your car and the unknown germs you could be bringing in and out. Properly sanitizing the most frequently touched parts of your car is important. However, your interior is made up of a number of materials which should be treated differently.

Step #1: Select The Right Products

  • For all interiors: Across the board, always try to avoid any and all solvents including acetone, alcohols, and kerosene. They can be very harsh and aren’t a good fit for your car’s delicate interior materials.

Step #2: Vacuum Thoroughly

Spend time getting into the difficult, narrow, and cramped areas of your vehicle. Look for areas that often accumulate the most dirt, debris, and dust. Getting rid of that stuff first will make cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces of your car much more effective. Another helpful tip: if your vacuum has multiple attachments, use them to really gain access to those deep crevices”

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One of the important things to remember during this stressful time is really be aware of everything you touch. Keep hand sanitizer and lysol wipes with you during necessary car trips. Really think about the things you touch in your car’s interior. The steering wheel, radio, seat adjustments – these are things we do almost like 2nd nature. Try to get in the habit of wiping your hands before entering your car, as well as wiping down these components.

The team at IAS Auto Glass understands how difficult these upcoming weeks will be. We are still offering are our mobile auto glass service at no extra costs to residents in the twin cities area. Call us at 952-797-4374 or visit our auto glass service page for more information.

Don’t be bulled into unnecessary auto glass repairs

“Recent insurance industry data places Florida as second in the nation for auto glass claims, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

“Auto glass claims have increased 52 percent over the last five years in Florida, and that suggests that there may be a corresponding rise in fraudulent activity,” said Alan Haskins, NICB’s vice president of government affairs.

Fraudsters continue to target Florida, as they look to take advantage of policyholders by convincing them they need a windshield repair or replacement – when they might not. Some glass repair companies bill for services and never actually replace the windshield, or often replace windshields that do not have damage.”

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It should be stated that this rise in fradulent auto glass claims by some shady repair companies is not indicative of the industry as a whole. However, some are using the Assignment of Benefits form as a way to take the rights of policyholder and inflate or misreperesent the cost of a repair. These businesses should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as other legitimate auto glass repair companies try to maintain a balance between their customers and the insurers.

At IAS Auto Glass we always have our customers best interest in mind. If a windshield can be repaired resulting in a lower cost than replacement, that’s what we’ll do. If your auto glass is not covered by your insurer, please contact us at 952-797-4374 and ask about our competitive cash prices. Additionally, you may visit FAQ page to read more common questions and answers.