Beware door-to-door auto glass repair salesman offering free windshield replacements

“This is a new trend that insurance experts say drives up repair bills for needless work and legal costs. “They would have no way of knowing if it were damaged or not, and they have a gun to their head to pay the price the contractor is asking for,” said insurance expert Tom Cotton.

Action 9 found that, in Central Florida, DNS Auto Glass sued insurance companies for payment 80 times.

And statewide, according to Florida’s Department of Financial Services, in 2012, auto glass companies filed 1,389 lawsuits against insurers. Just four years later, the number of lawsuits soared to 19,695.”

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These insurance bullies will undoubtedly force insurers to raise premiums for everyone. Don’t allow them to take over your Assignment of Benefits! If you do need your windshield replaced, call the pros at IAS Auto Glass. We can be reached at 952-797-4374 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

Rhode Island enacts new law focusing on aftermarket parts on newer vehicles

“Rhode Island has a new law that focuses on aftermarket parts for newer vehicles. The law “provides that insurance companies may not mandate the use of aftermarket parts without the owner’s consent on motor vehicles less than 48 months beyond manufacture date.” However, the law excludes auto glass parts from its provisions, noting that “this chapter shall not apply to the repair or replacement of motor vehicle glass 13 performed by licensed motor vehicle glass repair shops pursuant to chapter 38.5 of title 5.”

The law became effective earlier this month and was not signed by Gov. Gina Raimondo.”

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More transparency between insurance companies, repair shops, and vehicle owners is a good thing. At IAS Auto Glass we will always keep you informed of our parts and labor practices. If you need reliable auto glass service contact us at 952-797-4374 or visit our website to for more information.