Man piles furniture on windshield, roof, and trunk of car while driving

“A driver decided to move a large sofa by putting it on the front windshield of his car, totally obscuring his view of the road ahead. The four-door silver sedan was snapped in West Mobile, Alabama, on Friday with a TV on the roof, and a matching couch obscuring the back window. The five-second video shot by Adrianne Ely Pyle and obtained by WKRG showed the three pieces of furniture tied to the car with rope.

Pyle drove up alongside the vehicle and passed it, revealing the car had a driver as well as a passenger. The car appeared to have the front driver’s side window rolled down, perhaps to help him see the road ahead.”

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Talk about an accident waiting to happen. Aside from the terrible and dangerous idea, a windshield isn’t meant to support that much weight. Instead of renting a uhaul, this driver is willing to potentially kill himself, his passenger, and anyone unlucky enough to be in their path. After another reporter contacted the local police, they were informed that no witnesses came forward and a citation wasn’t issued. Yikes!

Unfortunately, poor choices from motorists regarding unsecured loads affect innocent drivers far too often. This usually happens when construction vehicles or trucks neglect to secure items such as poles, bricks, and other heavy objects. Some times these incidents are fatal. They almost always involving smashing the windshield. The team at IAS Auto Glass understands how stressful situations like these are and offer our expert windshield replacement service at a reasonable price. Call us at 952-797-4374 to learn more.

Woman videos snake slithering wildly on her windshield

“A Florida resident went viral on TikTok after a snake took a liking to her windshield and she struggled to get it off.

Earlier this month, Abbey Rostron uploaded a series of videos of TikTok showing a small snake that she found on her car that led her to pull over. The first video has received over 4.6 million views.

“I had to pull over because this dude is in my car,” she says in the clip. “I don’t even know what to do. Dude, please just get off the car. Just jump off. Be a good little snake.”

Even though Rostron says the snake is in the car, it appears to be outside the windshield, although she could have been referring to inside the hood. At another point in the first video, she films the snake while driving and takes the car to an Advance Auto Parts for assistance.”

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The driver apparently kept losing track of the snake which added to her humorous takes during the videos. Eventually, the snake fell off harmlessly to the ground. A few commenters speculated that it was a non-venomous snake called a black racer. Even if some how the snake managed to get through the windshield Mrs. Rostron was never really in any danger. However, it’s safe to assume that she will be extra cautious for awhile every time she steps in her car.

While it’s extremely unlikely a snake would cause damage to a windshield, there are plenty of instances where other critters have broken through. Animals such as deer, birds, and even turtles can easily break through while you’re driving. If your windshield has been damaged by an animal or otherwise call IAS Auto Glass at 952-797-4374. For residents in the Twin Cities area we offer mobile windshield repair and replacement at no extra charge!

Don’t fall for the “quick hacks” for windshield defrosting

“The icy winter storm across the U.S. has brought snow to 100 million Americans from the South to East Coast, causing hazardous road conditions and car troubles such as icy windshields.

While authorities have urged people to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel, one social media user recently took to Facebook to offer some alleged advice on how to defrost car windows that have been frozen by the ice and sleet.

The user claims dumping scorching hot water on your windshield can be more effective at clearing the glass windshield.

“Pour hot water on your windshield & it’ll defrost faster thank me later,” reads the Feb. 14 post with over 12,000 shares.”

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It’s astounding that such bad advice can be shared thousands of times as if it is some sort of new tip. There has always been people who’ve resorted to pouring hot water on a windshield to thaw it out. Yes, that’s a quick way to melt ice. It’s also inevitable that at some point that hot water will cause the windshield to crack. Why? Because the glass can’t handle such extreme temperature changes.

If your windshield is cracked or chipped call IAS Auto Glass at 952-797-4374. Our auto glass service includes repair and replacement with repairs taking 30 minutes or less!

Sheet of ice from passing car smashes windshield of driving couple

“Bill and Becky Cassell were on their way to the grocery store for winter weather supplies when a sheet of ice flew off the roof of a passing car and slammed into their windshield.

“When I opened my eyes, we were covered in glass and ice,” Bill Cassell recalled. “Going straight was the only thing I could do. There was no getting out of the way.”

Cassell said they sustained minor injuries, which primarily consisted of small cuts on their hands from the glass. However, the accident left them uneasy.

“It wasn’t really until we got how and saw how bad it was that I started shaking,” said Becky Cassell. “[The ice] came right into his face. It could have killed him. So, I’m so thankful to God that it didn’t.””

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We’ve talked about clearing ice and snow from your vehicle in the past. Most people, however, are only concerned with clearing the windshield for visibility. Some, even only clear out a tiny portion of the windshield! The truth is, your vehicle needs to be completely free from any ice or snow that has the potential to slide off. It’s not only the responsible thing to do, but may end preventing a horrific tragedy.

At IAS Auto Glass, we hear stories all the time of objects breaking through windshields. We do everything possible to make such experiences less stressful during the windsheild replacement process. That’s why we offer mobile service at no extra cost. Call us at 952-797-437 or visit our auto glass service page for more details.

May rioter finally charged in breaking residents windshield

“Police have arrested another person accused of committing crimes the night of the May 2020 riot.

Police say Johnson was later seen unlawfully entering a business through windows that had been broken by other looters. He allegedly took merchandise and threw it onto the sidewalk in front of the store.

That night, Johnson also allegedly stood in front of a resident’s vehicle in the area, along with other rioters. Police say they yelled at the driver and hit, kicked, and threw objects at the vehicle. Johnson is accused of jumping on the vehicle’s hood and walking up to the roof, stomping on the windshield and breaking glass before jumping off.

So far, 23 people have been arrested in connection with the riot investigation, which is ongoing. Additional arrests are anticipated. If you have any information, call the TIP line at 541-262-5388.”

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It took over 6 months but it looks like justice is finally getting served for this poor resident that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Such incidents are a reminder that comprehensive auto insurance is always a good idea. While coverage for riots is something that was unheard of years ago, the increasing turmoil across the U.S. has lead to a surge in claims.

At IAS Auto Glass, we know how frustrating it can be when your windshield is damaged intentionally. That’s why we strive to make our auto glass service as convienent as possible. Call us at 952-797-437 to schedule an appointment.

Determining whether your windshield can be repaired

“Windshields are specially designed to provide structural support for the vehicle as well as to stand up to the stress of traveling on highways, but damage does inevitably occur. Windshields are actually made up of two layers of glass which sandwich an inner layer of automotive safety glass. This inner layer, called the lamination, serves to hold together the broken outer layers in the event of an accident. This is why windshields crack when struck by objects, yet do not fall apart and cave in upon the driver in most everyday circumstances.

Repair or Replace?

In general, most chips and cracks can be repaired, but it always depends upon four factors: the size, type, depth, and location of the damage. Results will vary based on age, amount of contamination, location & the severity of the damage.

A qualified auto glass repair technician must evaluate a number of factors before deciding whether your windshield is repairable. Each case is assessed on an individual basis, and a determination is made based on the technician’s own skill with equipment, the expectations of the customer, and the probability of a high-quality repair.”

Get more information on windshield repair here.

Generally, if the damage to your windshield is smaller than a dollar bill there is a possibility for repair. A special resin fills the chip or crack which stops it from spreading. This is a process that is typically completed in 30 minutes or less. Once the job is finished you may drive away immediately, no need to wait for curing!

The team at IAS Auto Glass prides themselves on performing exceptional work at an affordable price. Check out our auto glass faq page for answers to common questions on replacement and repair. You may also call us at 952-797-4374 with any auto glass related questions.

How much does it cost to replace RV glass?

“If you own a Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhome, your RV windshield is a key component of your safety. Your RV windshield takes the brunt of the wind, rocks, trash, and anything else that might kick up from another vehicle or fall from a passing truck and hit it. Keeping your RV windshield in tip-top condition should be your number one priority. Here’s why:

Class A RV Windshield Replacement Cost

There are several reasons why a Class A RV windshield replacement will cost more than replacing a standard vehicle windshield. For one thing, the windshield is much larger than one on a standard car.

You can expect to pay between $1,000-5,000 to completely replace your Class A motorhome windshield.

Class B RV Windshield Replacement Cost

A Class B campervan uses the same type of windshield as a standard van so the cost is substantially lower than that of a specialty Class A windshield. You should expect to pay between $200-800 to replace a Class B windshield, the cost of replacing the windshield on a standard vehicle.

Class C RV Windshield Replacement Cost

Class C campers also have larger windshields that need to protect a larger surface area than a standard vehicle windshield. The cost for a Class C motorhome windshield replacement is therefore going to be more expensive, like a Class A windshield.”

See the entire article by going here.

As you can probably guess, installing a new RV windshield is no easy task. If you try to do it yourself you risk improper installation which could lead to all sorts of bad things. These include allowing leaks like air and water as well as the possibility of dislodgement. It’s best to let the professionals do the work!

The technicians at IAS Auto Glass have the expertise and skills necessary to replace your RV windshield. Whether you have Class A, B, or C rest assured we’ll get the job done. Call us at 952-797-4374 or visit our auto glass service page for more information.

The difference between laminated and tempered auto glass

“You may have seen it in the news recently—instances of someone getting stuck in their vehicle after an accident because the car was equipped with laminated side windows. Laminated windows are nearly impossible to break with traditional glass-break tools. These small devices are carried in many driver’s gloveboxes because they easily break car windows so that occupants can escape in emergency situations. Unfortunately, these traditional glass-break tools don’t work with laminated side windows. Even first responder professionals have difficulty breaking through laminated glass windows with specialized tools. It can take minutes to saw through and remove laminated glass. In comparison, tempered glass breaks away in mere seconds.

Laminated Side Windows and Tempered Side Window Differences

Why is laminated glass so much harder to break through than tempered glass? To start, let’s talk about tempered glass. Tempered glass has been heat-treated to create a hardened surface. It’s stronger than regular glass, but when it’s hit hard enough, it instantly shatters into thousands of small pieces. In comparison, laminated glass will break from a hit of similar force. The difference is that laminated glass is basically a glass sandwich—two pieces of glass held together by a middle layer of polyvinyl. This polyvinyl interlayer is what creates the problem. Even after the glass has broken, it stays in place because of the interlayer. The plastic interlayer can bend and stretch, making it difficult to punch through. Usually, it needs to be cut through with a saw instead.”

Read more about the differences between the two here.

If you’re unsure whether your vehicle is equipped with laminated or tempered glass there is an easy way to tell. Some where in the corner there should be what’s called a “bug”. This is nothing more than a stamp which should say either laminated or tempered and other important information. If, for some reason, you can’t find the bug simply roll down your windshield. If it’s laminated you should see the middle layer sandwiched between the two outer glass layers at the top edge.

At IAS Auto Glass we provide precision laminated window cutting. Call us at 952-797-4374 or visit our auto glass service page to learn more about this service.

Apple patents new tech to detect windshield cracks

“Cracked windshields are not only a pain in the butt, they can be dangerous if they obstruct your vision, and they can also be expensive to replace. That cost goes up if the windshield is electronically heated or otherwise technologically enhanced.

Apple thinks it may have a solution to this problem — yes, that Apple — or at least that it may be close enough to an answer to have filed a patent application, on Nov. 19. The application describes a system that would carefully monitor the resistance of a conductive film in the sandwiched piece of glass to detect when the glass has been compromised due to physical damage.

What benefit would this serve? I mean, either way, the glass has to be replaced, right? Well, because this is Apple we’re talking about, the system would be smart. That means it would alert you to a windshield crack before the crack necessarily became visible, or it could even go so far as to book the repair procedure automatically.”

Read the full story here.

Apple seems to know a thing or two about cracked screens. After all, they’ve been dealing with them since the first iPhone was released over a decade ago. Now, it seems, they have bigger aspirations by developing new technology to aid in discovering windshield cracks. It’ll be interesting to see how useful this new tech really is. Most people should obviously see larger cracks or chips soon after they happen. Perhaps the benefit will be to detect cracks that are small and not in one’s line of sight so much?

The team at IAS Auto Glass also knows how to handle windshield cracks and chips. In fact, we even offer mobile service at no extra charge! Visit our auto glass page or call us at 952-797-4374 to learn more.

As the winter season approaches remember to clear your car of ice and snow

““Drivers should always take the time to remove all snow and ice from the vehicle so it does not become a hazard on the roadway or for other motorists,” said the patrol’s Sgt. Troy Christianson.

It’s also important for drivers to completely clear the frost, snow and ice from all windows so their vision isn’t obstructed, he added.

That’s common sense, but in Minnesota it is also the law. Failure to abide could result in a misdemeanor and a $100 fine.

The State Patrol does not have data on how many citations it issues to drivers specifically for not removing snow or ice, since the offense falls under the statute covering littering — dropping an object “likely to injure any person, animal, or vehicle upon any such street or highway” without the owner’s consent.”

Read the original article here.

Minnesota, like many other states, requires its residents to clear snow, ice, and other debris from their vehicle before hitting the road. All too often we hear stories of ice chunks flying off and striking another vehicle. In some cases, this results in serious injury or even death. Other times, these ice shards do damage by piercing windshields – especially on the highway.

The professionals at IAS Auto Glass have the tools and experience to service your auto glass needs. Call us at 952-797-4374 or visit our auto glass service page to get more information.