Cat becomes internet sensation when accidentally shipped from China to an auto glass shop

“A six year old orange tabby has become an internet sensation and made an auto glass company famous in the process. The cat spent three weeks without food or water, after having traveled from Shenzhen, China to the port in Vancouver until she was found inside of a shipping container by some of the team at Independent Glass Distributers, in Prince George, British Columbia.

“For 20 sum years of doing this, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Initially I wanted to protect my guys because you never know what an animal can carry. We found the tiny thing at the back of the truck after about an hour of unloading, originally we thought it was a rat or something because we had seen so many pieces of cardboard on the ground and heard sounds leading us to the last container,” said Darcy Legeard, Independent Glass Distributers, in Prince George, British Columbia manager.

The British Columbia SPCA North Cariboo District Branch took donations for medical treatment for the traveling feline. According to B.C.’s SPCA, the animal, also known as Stowaway, was believed to have survived by licking condensation that formed on the shipping container’s walls and consuming cardboard.”

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We can’t say that we’ve found any stowaway cats from any of our distributors. However, we’re delighted to hear how this particular cat is making a full recovery after such an arduous joruney. It’s amazing to think that this animal survived with no food or water for a whole month!

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Man arrested for smashing dozens of windshields in New Jersey

“Police have tracked down the man they believe terrorized dozens of motorists on Route 539, allegedly lobbing missiles from his car at theirs between December and March.

Anthony A. Lewis, 35, of Chesterfield in Burlington County, is facing 31 counts each of criminal mischief, interfering with transportation and reckless endangerment, according to a statement from township police.

Police agencies from throughout the county took reports from victims in 41 different cars “struck with objects thrown from another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction,” Manchester police Lt. Vincent Manco wrote in the statement. “A majority of the incidents occurred on Feb. 14, 2019, along a stretch of County Route 539 in Plumsted Township.”

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It’s worrisome enough when drivers have to be on alert for debris and loose objects striking their windshield while driving. However, when people maliciously try to damage another vehicle and harm their occupants, it’s downright infuriating. Fortunately, the suspect has been detained and will most likely be facing a very hefty fine along with some jail time. It’s a miracle that none of the victims were seriously injured or killed.

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